Emergency Electrician

Emergency electricians are always hard to find when you most need them! At Arcbright our team of qualified electrical engineers visit thousands of homes every year to resolve electrical problems. As we all know electrical faults always occur at the most inconvenient times causing huge disruption to our plans for the day.

Arcbright understand the inconvenience as well as the cost implication to the home owner, that’s why we work hard, fast and efficient to minimise the impact and stress levels by providing a fast response, at affordable rates.

Remember it’s not our first time! Our Harlow based emergency electricians are highly skilled as well as trained in electrical fault finding and customer service. So, we normally know from your description of the problem over the phone, where to look first for the solution.

Emergency Electricians Top 8 Problems…

  1. RCD Tripping
  2. No House Lights Working
  3. Damaged Cables
  4. Water Ingress into Electrics System
  5. Circuit Breaker Tripping
  6. No Power at Sockets
  7. Smell of Burning Plastic
  8. Exposed Live Wires and Terminals

The need for our emergency electricians is pretty much split between Domestic properties and Commercial premises.  Commercial buildings often face different problems to local households. Production could be affected as well as the company’s ability to operate whilst the problem persists.

Remember nobody needs an emergency electrician until they have an emergency! So, why not book one of our surveyors to visit your property for a free consultation on any aspect of our electrical services. I always think that prevention is better than the cure.

Please consider that Part P of the Building Regulations state that all new domestic electrical work must be notified to your local councils building control department by a registered company. Arcbright meet those criteria as emergency electricians in Harlow.

Making changes to the electrical systems in your own home, it’s important to know, and adhere to the regulations for your own safety and peace of mind.