Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

Electrical testing and preventative maintenance is the key to problem reduction, whether your electrical systems are presenting a problem or not. We believe it is vital that you submit to periodic electrical testing to check for potential hazards, therefore minimising the downtime and any dangers.

Periodic Inspections | Every 5 Years

The IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) state that electrical installations must be Periodically Inspected and Tested, which in typical environments such as offices, shops and warehouses the electrical system is to be fully tested every 5 years or for larger installations testing 20% of each distribution board per year throughout the 5 year period.

Electrical Fault Finding

Arcbright carry out fault finding tests to identify problems causing downtime for your business and alert you of our findings, provide a plan and solution to have them rectified ASAP. Using state of the art equipment such as circuit/fuse finders, thermal imaging and inspection cameras to name a few. You have the reassurance and can work safe in the knowledge that your electrical systems are secure and operating correctly long after the repair.

Are you paying higher than average for you energy bills or had a sudden rise in energy usage without any additional equipment? We can monitor your power consumption and investigate into suspected inaccurate energy supplier’s meters or if power is being stolen from your business.

The aim of our maintenance service is to limit your downtime and eliminate emergency repairs. You can rely on Arcbright to take care of all of your inspection and testing requirements.