Business Automation

Business automation is the use of different technologies integrated into one simple to use system. The practice allows the user to systematise and control with a single wifi enabled device, a range of functions or commands to automatically respond, and then activate.

For example…

Arcbright can design a business automation system so that your heating, lighting or air-conditioning, come on remotely by the use of a smartphone.

You may have forgotten to switch off the lights before leaving the office or just coming home from work and you want to view the showroom with a remote camera. Your business can still give off a great vibe during closed hours if attracting the attention of passing trade is important and then shutting down the lighting to conserve energy. Whatever your needs you stay in control at all times.

The business automation system can incorporate an alarm, cameras, and smoke detectors plus much more, the options are boundless. Everyone’s needs are different and finding the right technology that’s right for you and your business is what we do best.

Arcbright are an accredited dealer, supplier and installer of NEST Automation Systems. We can specify, supply install the system. We would also encourage our customers to look at the Fibaro Automation System. Arcbright are approved partners, and are able to help you with all of the options on this excellent system.